Uttam Kambale Yanchya Prastavana (Prefaces by Uttam Kamble)

The book has been edited by Dr. Milind Kasbe, contains various introduction written to various books by famous journalist and writer Uttam Kamble.

The book includes discussions on literature, society, cultural struggle, journalism, modernization, and politics.

Dr. Kasbe has tried to define the meaning and conventional understanding of the terminology called ‘Introduction’. It not only traces the current political and cultural issues but also explicates the opinions of Dr. Milind Kasbe on Social thinking.

ISBN – 978-93-84914-17-2, Publication – Sugava Publication, Pune.

Vishesh Akolekar (Special Discourse on Akolekar)

In the Maharashtra Akole Tahasil is famous for its natural beauty and tribal population. Communism has rooted in this tahasil. The soil of Akole knows struggle and hard work. It is also known for Agasti Hrishi. Along with this there have been and are several towering personalities contributed in various domains of society. By taking into account this Dr. Milind Kasbe has attempted to edit this book successfully as a source of local history. The production and concept of this book is of experimentive teacher living in Rajur, Akole named Mr. Lalit Chaallare.

The book includes the contribution of revolutionary Raghoji Bhangare, freedom fighter Buvasaheb Navale, political leader Dadasaheb Rupawate comrade Sakru Budha Mengal, Padmashri Daya Pawar, thinker Raosaheb Kasbe, researcher and professor of Marathi Dr. Tukaram Rongate, businessman Sureshrao Kote, architect Bhalerao, national level sportman Shraddha Ghule.

ISBN – 978-81925025-4-0, Publication – Loksansruti Publication, Narayangaon

‘Zot’ : samajik nyayawar (Zhot : Focus on Social Justice)

The book has been edited by Uttam Kamble and stood by Dr. Sudhir Tambe, Vikram Gaikwad, Prof. Vilas Wagh, Hari Narake also Milind Kasbe. It was published on the occasion of 61st anniversary of renowned thinker Dr. Raosaheb Kasbe.

The book intends to develop the theme of ‘social justice’. Famous writer and scholars like; Dr. B.L. Bhole, Dr. Gopal Guru, Dr. Anand Teltumbade have written in this book. The book contains studious discussion on present facts, globalization, capitalism, social movement, progressive movement. The book consists of extensive interview of Dr. Raosaheb Kasbe and introduction by Uttam Kamble which makes it more authentic and referential to research students.

Chalwal aani Sahitya (Social Movement and Literature)

The book has been edited on the occasion of socialist activist Prof. M.R. Lamkhade’s 60th anniversary. The book has been edited by Dr. Bhaskar Shelake, Prof. Popat Satpute Prof. Milind Kasbe.

The book covers the history of multitudes (Bahujan ) Movement in Maharashtra. It also discusses Gramin literature, Dalit literature, lokasahitya etc.

This is very useful for students and researchers of Marathi literature.

Daya Pawar : Sahitya, Manus aani mitra (Daya Pawar : Writer, Individual and Friend)

The book was published after demise of Daya Pawar (1997) by Zot publication. The book throws light on the memories of Late Daya Pawar. The book has been edited by Dr. Milind Kasbe and co-edited by Lahu Kanade poet and Prof. Shankarrao Dighe.

‘Balut’ an autobiography gave recognition to Daya Pawar in Marathi literature as a poet story – writer and mentor to dalit movement in Maharashtra. Posthumously written the book focuses on the personality and writings of Daya Pawar. In it renowned writer Padshree Gangadhar Pantawane writer Ranganath Pathare, poet Namedo Dhasal, Laxman Mane, Arjun Dangale, Waman Nimbalkar, Prof. Indira Aathawale, K. G.Bhalerao contributed extensively.

The book is useful for the researcher of Dalit literature and movement.

Dr. Milind Kasbe yanche nivadak lekhan (Selected Words of Milind Kasbe)

The book is made up of published writings of Dr. Milind Kasbe. The book has been edited by Prof.Dr. Jayawant Ahiwale and his colleagues working in Wadia College.

The book was published by Sugawa Publication in 2015 consisting thought provoking articles, book reviews, literary writings, Tamasha and important speeches.

The book is useful for students of Marathi Literature.

ISBN – 978-93-84914-15-8, Publication – Sugava Publication, Pune.