Tamasha Kala aani Kalawant (Tamasha : Art and Artists)

The book explorers the history of Tamasha art. It covers the range from Pathe Bapurao to Vithabai Narayangaonkar. It also opens the inner reality of Tamasha in the modern world.

The book also includes subtle articles on questions of Tamasha Artists, challenges before Tamasha art, effect of cinema and drama on Tamasha, life style of female Tamasha artists, changing scenario of Tamasha, progressive thoughts in Tamasha.

Famous actor Late Nilu Phule has written a pertinent introduction to this book, and photography of renowned artist Sandesh Bhandare has made it artistic. The book was published in 2007, later on followed by two editions.

ISBN – 978-81-88764-93-3, Publication – Sugava Publication, Pune